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Civl Design and Construction
Civi Design and Construction is TING's principal activity. TING Group can guarantee a high-end design product in the fields of statics (concrete structures, laminated timber structures, steel structures, seismic analysis, building statical suitability test, in site surveys), electro/hydraulic systems (civil, sanitary, industrial systems) and construction of buildings. 
TING Group has worked along with it's partners on strategic infrastructure projects and realizations. TING Group can guarantee expertise in road, highway and railway transport design and management process. 
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Architecture and Spacial Planning
Architecture and Spacial Planning are two key fields of TING's activity. The Group has great expertise in all architectural, urban and territorial design environments including: health facilities (hospitals, clinics), schools, sports centers, commercial facilities, real-estate evaluations, urban design, territorial planning, topographic surveys.
  Environmental Design and Services
Environmental engineering design and services are fundamental fields of activity for TING Group. In particular, environmental activities include all Water and Sanitation related sectors, all-kind of environmental analysis and surveys (environmental monitoring, water pinch analysis, energy-save systems, all drainage water treatment systems, purification systems) and cost-abatement software development (OSCAR



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