brochure Ting Group TING Group is an integrated engineering company with a vast heritage of scientific and architectural expertise coupled with an ability to interact in advanced ways to address the different needs of public and private clients, both at a local and international level. Experience, a high degree of specialization and the blend of different knowledge domains are the strategic priorities upon which TING Group bases its activity, which is strongly oriented towards flexibility, innovation, creativity and formal-aesthetic analysis of any work (download TING's brochure).



services icon 03With a network of 90 engineers, architects and experts in various fields, TING Group combines their know-how with experimentation and research activities in order to blend the maximum functional efficiency of the work with the change of environments. One of the company’s hallmarks is to complement each technical solution with an exhaustive sequence of formal, economic and environmental assessments.


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TING Group aims at developing a new culture of the engineering work, able to tackle any design matter through a combination of multiple levels of knowledge and cultural sensitivities. Thanks to a network of professional and scientific expertise intertwined with specific creative abilities, TING Group offers professionally competent and high-quality services.



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TING Group’s business model is based on the ethical principle of responsibility, seen as a state of balance between common interests and intrinsic value of the work. In addition, the company constantly invests in training young talents by promoting the merging of different cultures and knowledge, thus confirming the importance of knowledge in compliance with the fundamental values of the society.


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