TING Group's expertise and knowledge cover several areas and sectors, among which:

  • infrastructure (works in the field of road and rail transportation, water and hydrosanitary works, building works to preserve the territory) 
  • architecture (public construction - institutional, education, culture, hospital, religious, sports, etc., private construction - residential, industrial, commercial, hotel, etc.,  highly sustainable wooden buildings, restoration and recovery of historic heritage, urban planning, territorial and strategic landscape architecture) 
  • statics (works in reinforced concrete, steel, laminated wood, recovery of structures in wood and concrete with carbon fibers, seismic analysis of existing buildings, including non-linear, static testing and suitability)
  • plant engineering (for civil construction, health care, industrial and technological infrastructure, water cycle management , sewage, water pinch analisys, energy upgrading of buildings and infrastructure)
  • managment activities (construction supervision, project management, coordination of security)
  • economic and financial planning (echnical and socio-economic feasibility studies and projects, project financing)
  • research and innovation (construction technologies with low impact and passive house, ARCA protocols, KlimaHaus, Leed, restoration technologies with Armalam European patent  - European patent No. 1260648)
  • environment (environmental impact studies EIA, environmental monitoring, consolidation of slopes, water regulating measures, land improvements, green strategies) 
  • surveys, appraisals and consulting (cadastral surveys, border tracing, technical appraisals, arbitration, surveying with satellite technology (GPS) and optical instrumentation electronics, architectural surveys with technology Laser Scanner ).
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